Accessible content

If you are updating the content of your website, you should be aware of the new law that went into effect on October 25th. All new content added to your website needs to be accessible.

What this means for you when you update a page? Here are some tips.


  • Make sure to use heading tags correctly and in order. H1 at the top of the page followed by h2 etc. If you have a news channel or a blog then the section heading is the H1 and all the article titles are H2
    Make sure your content is readable and understandable.
  • Abbreviations – if you use abbreviations – you will need to provide a tool tip or tag that will show on mouse over or read out with a screen reader the full word


  • If you use images for links – provide an alt tag. Your link should have meaningful content, not just click here. If you must use click here then add a a meaningful title to the link code


  • Make sure to provide alt tags for all images. These tags are useful to blind and vision impaired visitors to your site as their screen reader can read to them the image description that you provide. Therefore always ensure that the text you use is meaningful.

Video and Audio

  • Provide a script or captions for deaf users. If you are not using youtube or another service, make sure to use an html 5 audio and video player which provides accessible features including, play, stop and pause buttons the ability to slow down or speed up the audio as well as to adjust the volume.

Accessibility statement

  • As you are probably gearing up to get your site to comply, now would be a good time to add an accessibility statement explaining the steps you are taking towards compliance and give contact information for anyone who has questions / comments.

Moving forward to a fully accessible site

There are a number of tech steps to creating an accessible site as well, including proper tags and codes, using contrasting colors etc. If you are now planning on doing a full redesign of your site or if you are building a new site, make sure to have your web developer create a fully accessible site using an accessible template and adding the technological features that are necessary. Otherwise you have until October 2016 to comply with the law.

If you develop websites – you should look into going to the next accessibility conference at the end of the month. Accessibility Conference

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